202 Spring Hills

March, 2013
Ban Payasi village, Phongsaly province
Young tea trees, buds with 2-3 leaves

202 Spring Sheng/Raw Puer from the hills of Phongsali.

Right form the start it was noticeable that the tea is coming out to be completely different from the last year one. Large, fleecy leaves, spring-fresh white and green color of dry tea, our factory premises were filled with a vivid aroma of flowers and sweetness which stood for the whole month. As far as brewing 202 turned out to be floaty, smooth, and at the same time, with iridescent tones and flavors, as if multicolored blooming hills of spring. And, so it's name Spring Hills.

Once the tea was ready it was pressed using a stone press then wrapped and packaged into specially made for our tea Laotian handmade paper. Also, each tea cake is wrapped around with our branded belt and placed into a wicker box to make it easier for storage. Spring Hills is the perfect choice for creating leisure casual atmosphere. Just like taking a stroll with a friend among the spring hills.

  • Time of HarvestMarch, 2013
  • Place of HarvestYoung tea trees, buds with 2-3 leaves
  • Preparation Techniquewithering — wok-pan roasting — rolling — sun-drying — pressing into cakes, packaging into Laotian hand-made paper
  • Description and Preparation TipsThis sheng Puer in similar in many ways with oolong as it may take many repeated brewing, dynamically changing. We recommend brewing temperature of around 90 °C (195 °F), preferably in a clay tea pot although porcelain should be fine as well.
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