Alexander Zhiryakov
Moscow, Russia
A tea pilgrim. For years was interested in tea culture, worked in West Africa,
studied in Peking university, tried different jobs just to find the favoured
one — to make tea. Since then spend his time with withering, frying, rolling and
drying teas for «tea friends». The author of the project
Timur Kazmin
Rostov-on-Don, Russia
Tea pilgrim. Likes aviation, journeys and tea. For the rest of the time busy with beloved work:
making creative web-sites. Happy father of two daughters. Really love to drink tea
in a good company
Roman Sakaniya
Duripsh, Abhazia
Our first professional tea-making specialist. Roman working with black tea at his small tea
factory for more then 15 years, making unique tea in Abhazia, near the Black sea. He uses
all his knowledge to make the best red tea in Phongsali. Amazing personality and
a tea-hero for female staff of our factory
Miao Juan 
Menghai, China
A tea painter. Miao Juan came from the north of Yunnan province, where the Bai ethnic
minority lives. She run a tea house and a shop for many years, paint in her wooden
cabin on Nannuo mountain and make decorations for Buddhist temples. Miao Juan help us with
pressing tea cakes and packaging, make seals and store carefully our tea in Menghai. Tea
Karina Malykhina
Rostov-on-Don, Russia
Our super best support assistant for all the hardest tasks. At the time then Karina isn’t
busy with saving the world, she also woks on our web-site design and content, making
it more friendly and interesting. If you have an Armageddon, alien’s spaceship
landing or comments on how to make Laos Tea site better, just give her a note
Dasha Birukova
Korolev, Russia
Tea master from the Russian top-one scientific town, where the space-mission control center is.
Incredibly intelligent. Dasha is a person who is working with our customers, so,
if you have any question about choosing or brewing Laos tea, delivery, payment
or returns — feel free to contact her at
Jonathan Clements
Manchester, UK
Jon is a specialist of Laos culture. He was study at the university
in Laos and speaks Lao quite well. Yes, he may use six forms of pronoun
«you» in Lao. Currently we are working together on volunteering project
for teaching English in the local schools of Phongsali
Lao Qin
Phongsali, Lao PRD
An indispensable tea super-hero. Lao Qing frying tea, fixing electricity grid, drive heavy
track, carry fresh tea baskets, buy food products on the market, cooking food and shake the tea
at nights. An even more, he become a father this year. Being a Chinese,
able to do hard work, he lived many years in Laos, that greatly influenced his
character: smooth friendly calmness and complete admittance of all the life circumstances
Ban Komen, Lao PDR
Noi is our little star of Laos. She takes care of everything to go smooth
on a tea factory. If we got in the rush she just call us for launch
or disturb by asking questions about Roman. She’s not just making good by her
precense, but also may select the tea and, sometimes, sing wonderful songs of Phnoy people